I am a professional programmer with a background in software design and development.

About Me

I am a professional programmer with a background in software design and development, currenlty i am a leader of "Brokenice" that provides high-performing, on-demand teams of developers for leading brands.

I'm an expert mobile developer and architect with several years of experience of team managing, design and development on all the major mobile platforms: iOS, Android (3+ years of experience).

I'm also has broad experience on Web design and development both on client and server side and API /Networking design.

All my last works are hosted on AWS Amazon cloud, i'm able to configure a network, with Unix servers. For my last works i configured apache2, ssl, ejabberd in cluster mode, Api servers with load balancer, and more.

When i was eleven, i created a CMS in ASP called openasp, it has been used for more years in more than 10.000 websites. The project has been closed when ASP has been deprecated, and i started to learn PHP.

- Strong experience as web developer, front-end/back-end (PHP, HTML, JS, codeingiter, laravel, NodeJS, and more frameworks)
- Strong experience in OOP programming
- Good Experience for Mobile Applications
- Mobile Software Design and Development (iOS,Android)
- API Client/Server Software Design
- Database Design (MySQL, SQLite)

Contact Me

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